How to Find Online Discount Hotel Deals – Tips From Travel Experts

Everybody knows that these days it’s cheaper to book their hotel rooms online for the best discounted room rates. So everyone usually heads straight to the many popular Internet travel agencies that we see so much on television and in magazines advertisements. But wouldn’t it be great to know where people working in the travel industry find their special hotel deals?

There are many reputable online travel agencies to choose from today. Most are not so well known because they are not as heavily advertised on television. Though they are popular amongst travel experts and seasoned travelers. When you do research on hotel deals you will find their names coming up first on search results.

But travel industry insiders know that in order to get the best hotel rates possible they primarily use the services of hotel reservation agencies based in the country or region they are traveling too.

For instance if I wanted to find an affordable 3 star hotel in New York City I would use US based online hotel agencies such as or Both companies have a solid reputation for reliable services and for offering discount hotel rates in the United States, though they are not as well known as or, even though and offers better hotel room rates and more hotel choices.

The reason for that is Expedia and Priceline or another similar all in one travel service provider does not specialize in the hotel market.

Travel experts know that online hotel agencies are able to provide travelers with unique hotel discounts and promotions. They know these specialized agencies focus on the hotel niche so they are much more knowledgeable about traveler’s needs and demands for the best hotel room prices.

Regional online hotel agencies work closer with the hotels they are partnered with so whenever there is a special deal or upcoming exclusive promotions they are the first to receive them so that in turn they are made available to travelers. Hotels know to take advantage of the huge Internet presence that online hotel agencies possess and it increases the likely hood of a traveler coming across their hotel property.

Since these discounts are exclusive you will only find them on these agencies’ websites that wouldn’t be offered by the hotels directly.

Booking Hotels in India Online

There is a huge variety of hotels in India and as a traveler you can always find a good hotel to stay in almost every city of the country. It is the reason why travelers find it very easy to plan a travel to various cities without worrying too much about accommodation. With so many travel websites it has become very easy to look at the hotels available in a particular city and sort them according to your budget and requirements.

Just like all Indian cites Bangalore also has hotels for all types of travelers. Hotels in Bangalore are set in all prominent areas like MG road, Cantt Railway Station, Hennur Road, Epip Industrial area and all other important parts of the city. Bangalore is visited by business and corporate travelers from countries like UK and USA. And keeping this in mind, the hotels of Bangalore offer great hospitality and ambience to these travelers. International travelers have always appreciated Indian hospitality and all the hotels in India try to meet this expectation of their international as well as Indian guests.

Hotels in Bangalore are no different than the hotels in other metropolitan cities in India. Heritage hotels, 5 and 4 star hotels and resorts are places to experience extremes of lavish and luxurious stay in the city. Those who have small budgets and cannot afford these hotels can look for cheaper options. There are too many hotels for people with tight budget. Bagpackers on holidays also look for these budget and economy hotels. They just sleep, freshen up and grab some meals and get on the move to explore more of the city instead of indulging in the luxuries of the hotel.

People travelling with families must look for a decent hotel with good environment. Those travelling with smaller kids need to have open places and rooms with balconies so that the kids do not feel irritated in the small and compact rooms. Most important aspect in choosing a hotel is money. This is why you must look for the hotels online and sit and check all the deals with patience. This helps in sorting the best deals within your budget. Booking hotels in India is very simple because now almost all the hotels can be booked online. Hotels have their websites and they also offer deals through various travel websites.

Once you make a plan to travel do not forget to book your hotel online and stay within your budget.

Cheap Hotels in Canada Suffice the Requirement of Accommodation

Cheap hotels in Canada suffice the requirement of accommodation by travelers who are on shoe string budget. As accommodation is not an issue in Canada, one of the most developed economies in the world; hotels to there provide everything which a traveler can expect during his travel to the country. When it comes to accommodating travelers, hotels offer varied range of accommodation facilities to travelers which include luxury class to budget accommodation.

Tourist Attractions in Canada
Located in the northern part of North America, it is a popular tourist destination and travelers enjoy a lot touring to various travel attractions to there. Citiy has numerous tourist attractions which includes cities such as Québec and Montréal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, etc. The cities to there not only have vibrant culture but have unique architectural pattern which is a major attraction for most of the tourist in Canada.

Some popular tourist attractions in Canada such as Bay of Fundy, Cape Breton Island, Charlottetown, Churchill, Gros Morne National Park, Halifax, Jasper National Park, Kelowna, Kootenay National Park, Moncton, Mont Tremblant Provincial Park, etc. are not only exotic but adventurous also. Moreover, some other travel attractions in Canada including of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ottawa, Regina, St John’s, Tofino, Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, Winnipeg, Yoho National Park are renowned one aroudn the globe among travelers.

Accommodation in Canada

While traveling to Canada, accommodation comes first in travelers’ mind and that is necessary as a traveler is required to stay somewhere. However, hotels offer such a magnificent accommodation services in Canada that travelers forget all the issues related to accommodation in Canada and enjoy their travel to the country. Cheap hotels in Canada not only offer economical accommodation, but also have modern architecture which is worth the journey.

Cheap hotels in Canada truly show that Canada belongs to the world’s leading economies and has enormous wealth of mineral and vegetable resources, fertile land for agriculture and forestry. The country is known for its bio-diversity and green development. Travel and tourism in Canada provides millions of jobs in Canada and is a leading contributor in the GDP. Thanks to attractive travel destinations in Canada, tourism industry is bound to soar high.

Canada Cheap Hotels

Canada cheap hotels suit best to students, bag packers, etc. Accommodating all sorts of travelers from around the world, cheap hotels in Canada are an ideal place to stay with budget constraints. Travel to Canada and visit to the Niagara Falls and the impressive mountain scenery in the Banff and Jasper National Parks can just be an amazing travel experience for lifetime. Travelers who love nature and want to stroll down the green mountains, Canada is just awesome.

Canada truly can be called the paradise for skiers as they have plenty of choices in terms of skiing. Some of the best ski resorts in the world are found in Canada which includes Banff in Alberta, Mont Tremblant (Quebec) and Whistler (British Columbia) (which has over 200 ski runs) amongst others. Notwithstanding, accommodation at cheap hotels in Canada is available near to the ski resorts. Meeting all budget requirements, ski resorts offer tremendous range of staying and cheap accommodation in Canada.

Barbados Food Tripping – A Delectable Bajan Experience in Travel Hotels

If you are planning to have a wonderful and relaxing vacation to take your troubles away, set sail to east of the Caribbean Seas. Your vacation destination is the heavily British influenced tropical Island of Barbados. Known also as “Little England”, the island offers beautiful places to visit and scrumptious food to taste and enjoy.

One of the best things to enjoy in a vacation is indulging to want your stomach craves for, “Eat heartily” as they say. In this West Indian continental-island country tourists have a buffet of food to choose from. Barbados Travel Hotels and local restaurants serve the finest “Bajan” Cuisine for every hungry tourist who wants a mouth watering dining experience.

“Bajan” is the colloquial term for Barbadians. Many tourists travel to this tropical island for the sight seeing, water activities, gardening and other fun filled activities. That is why the local restaurants offer a variety of food to serve to their hungry foreign guests after all of those activities. So what is on the Menu?

One of the sources of family income in the island is breeding pigs; their pigs are very well taken care of which is why the meat coming from these pigs are very succulent and delicious. Meat lovers will have their stomachs full in this tropical country. They can choose from stewed down pork chops, roasted pork with diamonds of crackling, baked ham and other pork cuisine.

For vegetarian tourists, there are many meat free dishes they can enjoy. Lime juice is often used for seasoning vegetables in this country. Okras are served sprinkled with fresh lime juice; Asparagus are also splashed with lime juice and sautéed in butter. Pumpkin fritters are ideal for those who have a taste for something sweet and spicy. The continental island also has a variety of unusual vegetables. Another popular veggie dish also is Christophene. It is a sugarless member of the melon family which is often served with cheese sauce. Plantain maybe unappealing when it is raw but once prepared the Bajan way it is a delicious treat. Plantain is a member of the banana family and it is usually wrapped in bacon and baked, a must try for all tourists.

Chicken is often stuffed with Bajan seasoning. It is a blend of spices and herbs which includes: black pepper, paprika, salt, thyme, marjoram, spring onions, onions, garlic, parsley, basil, scotch bonnet, and clove. Baked Chicken with eclipse crackers is one of must taste chicken cuisine of the island.

A meal is not complete if you don not end it with a dessert. For those who a sweet tooth you can choose from Tamarind balls, peanut brittle and guava cheese. There are also pastries like baked custard, Chocolate icebox pudding, lemon meringue pie and the country’s most common dessert is the traditional Coconut bread.

There are many delicious dishes in this Caribbean Island and everyone will surely have their own favorite. So if you are visiting the country make sure to drop by any local restaurants and Barbados Travel Hotels and enjoy Bajan cuisine.

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Travel Hotel – For Worthy Vacations

If you are tired of overflowing inbox, unwanted calls and work pressure then it is the time to take a break. A break from your dull, mundane or routine schedule. Travel hotels play an important role in enjoying the vacations to some exotic place such as in the lap of nature. Believe it or not, location of travel hotel will be a perfect stress reliever with other things. So, while going for holidays, get the best hotel booked for you.

While selecting a travel hotel, mind it that every hotel is not geared for holiday travelers. As a matter of fact, some are simply meant for business travelers and others focus on leisure features. The destination place geared for travelers must be joyful. As a matter of fact, these travel hotels are designed to a certain theme to give their hotel guests a welcoming feeling. The travel hotels can be classified as mainstream, boutique and luxury.

The holidays are unique and unmatched experience which are filled with wonderful memories. The selection of the hotel plays an essential role. Therefore, it can be said that travel hotels can also be categorized on the basis of distinguishing features or service provided. Resort hotels for instance, offer luxurious surroundings with a variety of recreational facilities such as swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, game rooms, and health spas. One can also look out for the planned social activities and entertainment in these hotels. Travel hotels are typically located in vacation destinations or near natural settings such as mountains, seashores, theme parks or other attractions. Moreover, some of the best travel hotels and motels provide additional convention and conference facilities to encourage customers to combine business with pleasure.

Casino hotels for instance, combine both lodging and legalized gaming on the same premises. Along with the typical services provided by most full-service hotels, these hotels also contain casinos where customer can wager at table games, play slot machines and make other bets.

Travel Hotel – Weddings and Honeymoons

Weddings and honeymoons are both very relevant occasions considering that they revolve around the celebration of the loving union between a man and a woman. Couples dream of the perfect intimate gathering in a romantic setting for both these events, and are thus faced with the challenge to laboriously go over details, budgets and plans. One of the most difficult things to do during the planning stage is choosing the perfect location.

A lot of couples choose to go to the sunny island of Barbados because it is truly one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. It is the perfect mix of simplicity and elegance all rolled into one. From beautiful, lush tropical scenery to upscale commercial establishments, the island is truly a covetable place to romantically escape to for a wedding or a honeymoon. People have a wide variety of options available to them such as villas, a Barbados travel hotel, and so on! Here are some of the best locations to have your wedding or honeymoon in the island paradise of Barbados.

First is Almond Village. It is a beautiful area that totally gives the feeling of being enclosed in a comfortable intimate space. It boasts of romantic scenic views with gently swaying palm trees and powder-fine white sand. It offers a lot of activities that a couple can do together to have fun and ultimately get to know each other. Such activities include swimming, romantic boat rides, golf and so on and so forth.

Second is Sandy Lane which is considered to be a “honeymoon” Barbados travel hotel and resort. One of the most commendable features of the establishment is its top rated staff. Staff members are warm and amiable and are eager to provide their guests, especially the newlyweds, with the V.I.P. treatment they deserve. They really go the extra mile in order to assure the happiness, comfort, and enjoyment of their visitors. In fact, if the couple wishes to do so, they may request special setups such as a romantic dinner for two. The staff would happily oblige the request and even add a couple of special treats in the process such as flowers and chocolates.

Third is The House which is located on the west coast, or better known as the “Platinum” coast. One of the most unique services offered in this place are the horseback rides along the beautiful beaches of the coastline. Based on rave reviews from the couples who have visited in the past, they found the activity very exhilarating and romantic. For those who have never experienced riding horses, The House offers the services of riding instructors who will give their guests the basics of horseback riding.

Fourth is Tamarind Cove Hotel and it is a grandiose Barbados travel hotel that is surrounded by lush greenery. Tropical gardens enclose the property, making this accommodation a perfectly beautiful setting for a wedding. The exotic feel of the place gives off a sense of passion, making it a great venue for a couple’s honeymoon as well.

These are just a few examples of accommodations that are worth a couple’s consideration for a wedding or a honeymoon. It is a great idea however, to go online and research on other places that best suits individual preferences and taste.

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Business Travel – Hotel Rooms Go Hi-Tech

The veteran road warrior must have been in this scenario at one point or another, but picture this anyway. You are in town for yet another meeting; it must be the nth time you have been here this year. Whenever you are in town, you stay in this particular hotel because you like it there. Because you are already a familiar face at the hotel and have booked your stay prior to arriving there, the hotel staff greet you very warmly and refer to you by your name. The bellhop escorts you to your room, and upon opening the door, you are automatically greeted by the room’s sound system with your favorite number from that old Randy Crawford album at just the right volume. Your eyes are sensitive to light, so you are surprised to find the lights of your room dimmed to the proper degree that will not hurt your eyes. The room is the exact temperature you would have it: cold, but not too cold. The mini-bar carries your favorite brand of soda and a stash of your favorite black chocolates.

You still have a few hours before you meet your colleagues for dinner, so you decide to rest and freshen up. The water in the shower is deliciously warm and the soaps, shampoos and toiletry are exactly the brands that you prefer using even at home. While you dress, you turn the TV on in the hopes that the hotel may have the channel that airs your favorite early evening comedy. Lo and behold! They have it, so you giggle at the characters’ antics while you prepare yourself for that dinner with the colleagues.

How did the hotel know all the preferences of their guest? It is simple: the room the guest stays in is “smart,” meaning it is wired with sensors that feed the hotel’s central computer inputs as to what temperature the guest set the air conditioner and the water heater, how dim the lights, the repertoire on the sound system, the channels watched, the food taken from the mini-bar, among other things. The central computer stores this data so upon the guest’s return, he or she will have a room that will be to his or her exact liking.

To quote this article from the International Herald Tribune:

“The backbones of these smart rooms are the data networks that hotels are installing to carry phone calls, video and Internet connections.

These networks, for example, make it possible for hotels to offer Internet TV services that store programs and let guests watch shows on demand. (A guest from Chicago, for example, could watch a Cubs baseball game in London as easily as in Tokyo.)

These networks also allow hotels to connect the lights, air-conditioners and other room devices to a central computer so they can be remotely monitored or controlled.”

Neat, isn’t it? The issue of the guests’ privacy was, of course, brought up, but hotels give their assurance that they only use the data they have gathered to serve their guests in a better manner.

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Anne is a journalism graduate from the University of the Philippines, the leading state university of that country, as well as one of the premier academic institutions in Southeast Asia. Aside from travel, Anne also displays a keen interst in literature, the cinema and the Internet. She has written and contributed actively to various student publications and has managed an in-house publication for a real estate association in the Philippines. She has also won an award for her screenplay from the Film Development Foundation of the Philippines in 2001.

When Budget Travel Means Cheap Travel, Hotel Reviews Don’t Matter

The reason is pretty obvious – if you are only going to stay in cheap hotels (let’s say under $60 per night) in a major city like Los Angeles or Phoenix, reviews won’t really help you find them because the price alone will do that. However, reviews can help you uncover the part of town they are in or how safe the neighborhood appears to be. The problem is that cheap motels are almost uniformly found in the least desirable locations – near freeways (dirt and noise 24 hours), under the airport runways (major noise) or along railroad tracks, less desirable parts of towns (where personal and car safety become an issue) and there is much value in knowing that. Reviews will therefore help in that aspect.

From the hundreds of reviews I have ‘reviewed’, most often the comment made about a $50 motel is “You get what you pay for” which is code for don’t expect much. It always astounds me when a guest rips a cheap hotel for being noisy or dirty – did they not think there might be a reason it was cheap? Cleanliness is almost always an issue commented upon. In my view, you can’t expect top notch service or maintenance in a cheaper property since the majority are only interested in renting rooms every night and to do that, the price has to be half what a normal hotel goes for.

Nonetheless, there is value to all reviews if you know how to read them. You might see postings where a party says they got a Marriott or Hilton for $50 on Hotwire. Though my experience is that mostly the $50 per night motels take the Priceline and Hotwire ‘offers’ far more often than a Hampton or Hyatt does, you might get lucky. Then again, you may end up listening to train whistles outside your window all night. Reviews can point these out and therein lies their value, even for cheap properties.

If you read enough reviews, you’ll soon see how to separate “the wheat from the chaff” and this increases your chances of finding a property you are happy with. The key is in understanding reviews by trying to discern which reviews are valid and which are garbage. Though experience will help a lot, you can also learn tips and tricks for spotting reviews to ignore and those you want to pay closer attention to. For more about this, see my Resource box.

Get the Best Business Travel Hotel Discounts

Every company is looking for hotel discounts as tough economic conditions continue. But it can be time-consuming and difficult to find the best business lodging rates that will save your company money.

And how do you know you’re getting the best deal?

That task gets easier when your company signs up for and use a business lodging savings card.

It’s available to any size company, whether you have one traveler or several. The best part is that it will save a company’s business travelers every time they check in to a hotel. It gives access to 20 to 40 percent savings off hotels’ lowest published rates.

Typical candidates for this service are workforce travelers who use their cars or truck to get to their job sites and who prefer discounts when they stay in economy or midscale hotels.

Companies with crews, drivers, field service representatives, maintenance teams and other employees who travel can participate. The size of the company doesn’t matter, either. It can be a sole proprietor business or a company that has a few or lots of employees.

These cards offer several advantages for low-cost travel, including the fact that there are no minimum usage requirements. That makes a business savings card great for workforce travelers on per diem or who have a lot of seasonal travel.

Who uses these cards to save on business lodging? To name just a few enthusiastic supporters: truckers, pilot car companies, construction firms, alternative energy installation crews, well and drilling companies, artists who travel the festival circuit, traveling salespeople and more.

Many companies find that they can save thousands of dollars annually with a lodging card.

Economy Hotels in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a beautiful hill station located in the state of Maharashtra, India. It acts as a beautiful hill resort, honeymoon spot, and pilgrimage site. Many leisure tourists, religious devotees and business travelers visit Mahabaleshwar. The economy hotels present in Mahabaleshwar provides luxurious accommodation, state-of-the-facilities and impeccable service at reasonable tariffs. They offer various packages and other concessions to attract more and more guests. They are economic but small cocoons of modern comforts.

Hotel Mayfair: It is one of the famous economy hotels located at Myatt Road, Mahabaleshwar. It offers luxurious accommodation, personalized service and great hospitality at an economy tariff. It offers luxurious accommodation in well-equipped cottages and non-AC rooms. Its restaurant serves mouth-watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It provides nice outdoor and indoor games facilities. It provides high-speed Internet, fax and other business amenities to its business guests.

Hotel Honeywood: It is a famous economy hotel located in a serene and beautiful surrounding in Mahabaleshwar. It offers luxurious accommodation in air-conditioned standard rooms and cottages at economy tariffs. Each room has refrigerator, satellite television, telephone, and attached bathroom having running cold/hot water. It has a spacious conference hall for carrying put business meetings and conferences. It offers a large number of indoor games for recreation. It is a perfect place for luxurious and economic stay.

Hotel Krasna: It is one of the popular economy hotels of Mahabaleshwar located next to the Holiday Camp. It is renowned for offering flawless services and traditional hospitality. Accommodation is offered in ventilated and airy rooms that are well-furnished with modern amenities such as tea/coffee maker, telephone, satellite television, attached bath having running cold/hot water and room service. It provides top-notch modern amenities to its business/corporate guests. It is widely preferred by leisure tourists as well as business travelers.

Hotel Sunny International: It is one of the most popular economy hotels located near the State Bank of India, Mahabaleshwar. Being centrally located and easily accessible it is widely preferred by leisure tourists as well as business travelers. It offers quality at accommodation, excellent service, nice modern facilities, friendly atmosphere and gracious hospitality at economic prices. It offers well-appointed AC and non-AC rooms that are well-equipped with modern amenities. It has an excellent restaurant that serves delectable Indian, Continental and Chinese dishes.